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Once in Orgosolo
Directed by Chloe White and Will Davies, 2016

Once in Orgosolo is set deep in the cloudy hills of Sardinia, in a small shepherding town famous for its murals. Deeply traditional, the town's residents still speak their own form of Sardinian; young men gallop up and down the cobbled streets on horseback, and women dress in black. This short documentary explores how residents use story and memory to make sense of their lives. Some help a shepherd come to terms with his economic troubles and others allow an elderly woman to hold on to a lost past. Some refer to political ideology as a tool of explanation and others to local memories and lore. They are present in the murals which adorn the walls of the town and in the answers to the questions of visiting film-makers. Story and memory are also embodied in a more tangible way in the production of a dripping ricotta, around which the film hangs.

Official Selection - London Short Film Festival 2016

Screened on Nowness.